Thursday, June 17, 2010

My iPod Hacked Facebook

This summer just keeps getting weirder and weirder... Liam deleted his Facebook to try get work done. It was gone, then came back again and again. He finally brought it back himself. Sorted. He was using it again. Then it was gone. Deleted. Gone. No record of Liam. But...

My iPod was not so sure. Using my Facebook App, I managed to accidentally hack into the system and access Liam's page. Okay, not so weird. Facebook forgot it was gone... except... well, it wasn't his profile as it should have been. Okay, same friends, same photos... but different wall posts. Now, I know it wasn't a different profile. I know the wall was as it should have been. But here's the catch - the wall is as it should have been on October 28 2009. Yes, that's right folks, my iPod has defied time and has shown me all the comments (no status updates or anything like that) on Liam's page.

I would prove it to you with screencaps from my iPod, but that's all private stuff. Until such time that Liam brings back his own Facebook, no one can access those comments (including birthday wishes from last year, too, before anyone in college knew him). If he does bring back his Facebook, people still have to scroll through nine months of stuff on his page. And that's a lot of stuff on his page.

It's the same on every page: Bob was tagged in his photo. "Hi Bob, how are you? How's tricks?" Bob has leveled up in Farmville.

I don't know how it's happened. What's weirdest, though, is my iPod can post on his page! I did it, and he responded. As I write this, Christine and I are going to test to see if it can happen again. This time, she'll pick the thing to say so I can prove to her that the comment's not just posted back in time. Just to show what's happened:

Update: click the image to see it better; I can't make it any larger or you won't see all of it.

Naturally I had to hide his surname and face in these pictures, or that'd just be rude. I've spoken to people on Twitter about his; they are most curious about it, too. We can't figure out why I have access to the past, or why I can post things on his page when it shouldn't even be there. But sure, it's there now. It's not really there, but it's there...

Anyone else ever have such a confusing time with Facebook?

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