Thursday, June 10, 2010

Robin Hood, Eddie Rockets and Great Big Hugs

This day was, in short, the best day of the summer so far. Okay, the morning was pretty sucky. I had chores to do. Yuck. But after them, Conor and I headed in to town to meet up with Eileen, Laura, Kevin, Monica and Elizabeth. And sure, don't you know I ran up to Eileen and hugged her before she'd even seen me! I was so happy to see her - proof enough that I miss everyone, if I can't even wait three seconds for her to realise it's me. Laura then got a big hug, then Eileen again, and Elizabeth when she came along, and Monica, and even Kevin when he finally got there.

In all the excitement, we headed from the spire to the cinema, stopping off on the way to get food... 2 Euro shop, anyone? Eileen and I stocked up on sweets (Dolly Mixtures for me!), drinks (Sprite) and chocolate (an as-yet uneaten Milkybar...because I'm three years old), and on to Marks and Spencer to get a bag on five cookies for three euro... we only ate one each. They've been brought home by her. I got a text, instead: "Also, i owe you a cookie and a half". Spontaneous cookies! Yuss!

We went to see Robin Hood when we'd stocked up on food. Seven of us in a line with store-bought food and student tickets, munching away and getting filled with sugar. The movie was alright, too. The ads are deceptive in what they show you; they suggest that he's on the run for the whole thing, rather than actually fighting alongside the king against the French (if you didn't know the plotline, then really I have no idea what you're doing here...) I won't go into the accents... really I wouldn't have noticed them if my boss hadn't shown me the complaints some fans were making on IMDB when the movie first came out. I just ignored them and tried to appreciate the movie for what it was - a remake, filled with all the violence a movie of its type could have, and a bit of humour too. Gotta love Friar Tuck and his beehives...

When we'd had our share of violence and sugar, we went to Eddie Rockets, where we got liquid sugar and some chicken presented in various ways (excpet for Kevin who got a hamburger and Laura who got onion rings). After our fill, we went to town. We didn't stay too long after that; we went to Penneys where Eileen got a scarf from the boys section, HMV, where I got The Doors for €5.99, and then it was on to Eason. Along the way, Laura and Elizabeth went home. Boo urns! But we still had a cracking time. Eileen got a book for her dad, Conor got a couple of DVDs from Tower Records, and I added to my collection of badges. Revamping the pencil case before the start of college in September. I know, long way away, but new ones come and go. It's going to be so cool when it's done! I have such good fun when someone sees my pencil case and has to pick it up to look at all the badges on it. The new design will be fantastic!

When we'd had our fill of fun and people had to go home, we went our seperate ways. That leaves me... here. Yeah, that about does it. The only thing that can make this day any better would be if people like Eithne and Liam got in touch before the day was out. And, you know, if James and Jessica hadn't been working... Still, onwards and upwards and all that! Party tomorrow night! If I have anything to say before then, you'll see me before I go. If not, you may get a nice little story-time about the party. I hope it's as good as I'm making it out to be in my head... Ah sure, feck it. A party is a party, and this particular one is a chance to see some people again! Can't wait to see Emma and Deezie tomorrow (and Christine and Ashling, and hopefully Liam!) Fun fun fun! Gotta get me some hyperactivity!

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