Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer of Fun

Yeah, that's what I'd been calling it. That was before Anti-Climax Syndrome hit and I realised that all the craic wasn't happening; most people are gone back to the country, and those that can come from the country are still quite a bit away. So, in the week I've been off nothing has happened. At all. Seriously, I could pretty much tell you everything I've done this past week.

Thursday: That was the day to recover from Wednesday. I may not have had anything to drink, but I didn't sleep, so I was fairly tired. Did nothing that day aside from lying down and interacting with people on Facebook.

Friday: I made plans. Actually, that's not even entirely true. I formulated plans, but a lot of them haven't actually been made. I was also in work for three hours.

Saturday: I worked 9-5, got a phone call from Liam on my lunch break, and did nothing much else that night, except for watch Doctor Who and go to the cinema with the lads, to see The Bad Lieutenant.

Sunday: Red Pen of Doom got to work and I finished getting through Meet Sam. The first draft is now becoming the second draft, which in turn will become the third draft when I've corrected that too. But of course, I still have to add in loads of extra material.

Monday: Procrastination, visit to the bank, then I went to the cinema with Ciara. We went to see Prince of Persia. It was fairly awesome. After that... nothing, really. I've checked Twitter - that's no word of a lie.

Tuesday: Editing Montage, day 1. 4 hours of Glee, four hours of fiction done. It was awesome, especially since I added over 1,000 words! After that... I was tired. Too tired to do anything but talk to people on Facebook. And be an idiot... Long story...

Wednesday: Um.. that's today. Okay, so I had a phone call, again from Liam. Had to talk to him about me being an idiot, and there was something regarding one of my secret plans that I haven't told anyone about. I also got through a bit more of Meet Sam, and I made a video for the first time in about 7 weeks. You can view it here. It's not great, but sure, feck it.

So, the next few days..? Well, I'm not working in the shop until Sunday, which gives me three more days off. I'm trying to see if I can organise going out tomorrow, but it doesn't look likely. So I'll probably do more editing, or write some of Dignity, though that may have to take a backseat until I can get through all of Meet Sam, and finish the second draft. Actually, that makes a lot of sense. Things make sense when you write them down. I recommend it.

Friday, lunch with Sophie. And I might buy a camera. We shall see. Saturday... no clue yet. Ah the Summer of Fun, where would I be without you? (short answer: college)

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Danni said...

Don't you just hate it when things don't go to plan? Happens to everyone at some point. Sometimes more than once in a short space of time.

Anyway; Prince of Persia = epic fun :D I've heard nowt but good things from those who've seen it (I saw it the day it came out) and it pleases me that so many people enjoyed it.

And yes, buy that camera!