Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, I'm back. I reckon I'll be back until about Christmas time, at which point Social Oopmh, my auto-tweet companion, will be taking over my Twitter. It's not that I don't love you guys, I'll just have an awful lot of work to do around then. More on that in the future.

Okay, so here I am, anyway.My holiday is over from the moment I post this, though I'll tell you now for free that I won't be on Twitter or blogging tomorrow, because it'll be a very busy day. I'll be in the college helping Ferris revise for a poetry exam. Or procrastinate. It's up to him, really. Then I'll be off to Westmeath for Giddimon's birthday bash, staying overnight. I know. Westmeath. Ferris warned I might not come back. We'll see. I have Photographic Memory to post on Tuesday when I eventually get back home. And a lot of reviews. Seriously, changes are coming to this blog.

I'd hoped to implement them before I left, but it wasn't until a few days in that I got the ideas. If you're here enough you might notice them straight away. I'll make them more apparent as they actually happen. Basically I'm making this thing a little less about one specific subject, and more about the specific subjects I most enjoy.

On the writing front, I got no more editing done. It's been an emotional couple of weeks. Not all the time, but some of the time. I started a new book, as I have a habit of doing, and I'm posting it up on Facebook. So far no one has said anything good, bad or indifferent about it, so I'm assuming it's gone unnoticed. If you're a friend on Facebook, look in the notes section. Oh, and I discovered a whole second half to Love is a Remarkably Destructive Bitch, my novella with the less-than-subtle title. I won't tell you how the second half came about, but I only really figured out all the details this morning, and immediately told Ferris that I had an ending to it.

What else... oh, I've started to play my ukulele. I can play a few chords, and I'm getting the hang of strumming. Still rubbish, but everyone but Bill Bailey's character in Black Books is terrible at an instrument when they start. The important thing is I'm trying and I'm loving it.

Hmm... I had a list of things I was going to do. Didn't do my little day trip. Might say I chickened out of it, I guess. Long story that I won't be telling anyone. It's was all in my head, anyway. Didn't do any work on the submission that I mentioned... not that there's much to do but read over my own stuff. Um... yeah, there's some more stuff done regarding music. Not as much as I hoped to get done, because of the aforementioned "emotional couple of weeks" but a few. A start. Didn't do as much reading as I wanted to, but I have a few more reviews to post up. Actually, a lot of reviews to post up, if I write them for all the books I read for Story Time at work... Sleeping habits are alright. The real test will be to see if I can stay asleep over then next couple of weeks, now that my brother has gone on holiday (actual holiday... lucky bugger). Photo book didn't happen, and the discussions with friends have been limited to entirely textual things. No bother. I have three and a half hours to annoy Ferris with every thought that escapes my lips tomorrow.

So, I think that's it. Um, a big thank you to Rebecca Woodhead for her lovely concern, despite the fact that I was a royal pain in the ass. I do hope her book publication is coming along well. Thanks also to all those that kept thinking of me enough to mention me in tweets, and to everyone who's been looking at the blog over the past couple of weeks. And a thanks to anyone who actually buys anything through the links in the reviews. That one kind of goes on forever. Thanks to my friends who kept me sane all through the summer - I have four weeks to go as of tomorrow before I'm back in college! Special mention to Ferris Bueller, Miley Cyrus and Hyper McHen, because they're pretty much very awesome individuals and time spent with them is always fun. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to post a couple of reviews tonight!

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