Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review - The Seldom Seen Kid

Seldom Seen KidI know what you’re thinking – that’s not a book. I know. It’s a CD. I have a few passions in life – my friends (who can’t be reviewed and sold on Amazon), books and music being in the top three. So, I’m taking things up a notch and reviewing my collection of CDs, starting with the wonderful The Seldom Seen Kid (MP3 download also available), Mercury Music Prize winning album by Elbow.

What made you listen to this?

Well, it wasn’t the award, that’s for sure. I hadn’t any intention of getting the album, except I was told it was good. Plus, it was fiver euro. And ‘good’ was an understatement. I could literally listen to this album all day and not get bored with it. Since I got it, I’ve pretty much done that. It’s one of my favourite albums, ever. So, to answer the question: recommendation from a friend.

What’s it most like?

Nothing I’ve ever heard. Okay, English accent comes through a lot, and that’s not original, but I love it. It adds a certain degree of, I don’t know, homeliness to the songs. They don’t sound like a commercial band, fine-tuned to sound like they’re from nowhere. Elbow sound like they’re from a home. I like that; it doesn’t make them seem like massive pop stars, and therefore someone to be ogled like they have two heads each. Unless you’re into running up to them.

Favourite song?

I have two. Is that okay? I’m going to say it’s okay. Two favourite songs from it: The Bones of You and One Day Like This. They’re pretty damn amazing, though I wouldn’t skip any of the songs before or after (i.e. between them) to hear them. The album is too good to not listen to as a whole.

Will you be listening to their other albums?

If I find them in the shop, most definitely. Or I may just borrow them from a mate. Following that, I’ll give my verdict (I’m going to assume the other albums are also awesome, though.) Until then, I’ll just have to get by with the amazing album already in my possession.

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Sarah said...

Compleatly agree with you. Seldom Seen Kid is probably one of the best albums I own, my fave has to be Grounds For Divorce, Weather to Fly and Lonliness of Tower Crane Driver. But then again, there isn't a bad song on there I have to say.

Epic album!