Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review - I Made You a CD But I Eated It

I Made You A Cd, But I Eated ItFirst thing’s first – what a great title for an album! This is an EP by the wonderful Molly Lewis, I Made You A CD But I Eated It. In summary: it’s short, but it’s sweet and it’s very funny. From the first song on the track listing you’re filled in on what you’re letting yourself in for: Molly sings (and plays her ukulele) about MySpace, an astronaut, Mr T, Peeps (whatever they are... American’s, please fill me in), Wikipedia and the president in her EP, with much hilarity guaranteed. There’s also the added bonus of Molly being a Super Nerd, one of few female Super Nerds.

So, why this strange CD?

Okay, so when I first got introduced to the idea of DFTBA – Molly is one of their artists – I got a compilation CD that had Molly Lewis on it – I Pity The Fool. Very hilarious, I have to say. After that, I decided I had to hear what else Molly could get up to, and I couldn’t resist the price, either. So I got the EP and I loved it. It’s strange, but funny, and well worth it.

What’s your favourite song? All of them isn’t an option.

You know me too well, vicious Review Alter-Ego. Okay, not all of them. Simply because I don’t understand it, Peep Fight is my least favourite song on the EP. But that’s it. The rest are all brilliant in their own ways, and they’re all hilarious. I especially love the two website songs (those about MySpace and Wikipedia), because they show off a couple of the best known sites on the Internet – one a social network that none of my friends are on, possibly bar one, and the other a mass-contribution encyclopaedia that colleges disagree with because anyone can change it, and so anyone can make it wrong (or funny). It’s also not complete, which Molly makes a point of. Why is there no page about her?

Is it recommended?
Oh very much so. It’s still one of my favourite things from DFTBA Records, because it’s so funny and so easy to listen to, and I fall in love with the nerdiness of it all every time I start to play MyHope, the first song. I can’t claim to know any/many funnier artists that Molly Lewis – a few have some funny songs, but Molly Lewis takes the biscuit (ew, a cliché!) with these six songs (plus one live version of a song) as they’re all funny in some way or another (okay, I might not get Peep Fight, but I’m fairly sure that the joke she makes about them is both right, and funny because it’s right! Definitely get it. You will laugh your pants off! (Warning: if you’re going to laugh your pants off, don’t do it in public, because that will get you locked up.)

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