Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review - The Chosen One

The Chosen OneThe Chosen One is an interesting novel, to say the least. The author, Carol Lynch Williams, takes us on a trip into a world not unlike our own, but with one big difference for the protagonist Kyra: she’s grown up in what is essentially a cult. A Christian cult, yes, believing in God and Jesus and the bible, but a cult nonetheless. Three wives, lots of children, or no heaven. Women are second-class citizens. The men choose their three wives, though not necessarily at the same time, and not necessarily only three.

So, initial thoughts on it?

It had me hooked. I wanted to know how Kyra was going to get out of her particular predicament, one I won’t reveal here. It’s like the juiciest bit of gossip that you have to get right from the source (otherwise known as a spoiler... unless you read the blurb.) I wanted to know if Kyra would get away from that place, if she could be safe and healthy and alive. Gripping stuff, right there. I don’t remember reading a book of its kind that could do that (actually, I don’t remember ever reading a book of its kind ever, so it says a lot for the originality of the story – nice work Williams!)

Will you be reading anything else by the author?

I can’t say for sure, but with a lot of the things I’ve chosen to read – this book, despite being excellent, was not my choice, but a free copy to review for the publisher – I might not have time. However, I have enjoyed this book, a lot, and I think lots of other people will, too. It’s not all about the God element, because really religion is a form of oppression in the book, not a way of life for Kyra – at least not a life she chose. The book’s main focus is on family, friendship, love and freedom. I think girls will like it more for the love element. Boys will like it more for the brief scenes of violence (oh yeah, better warn you about that – there’s some violence in the book.)

Closing remarks, aside from the fact that this is a very short review?

I enjoyed the book. I really did. I thought it was an interesting take on religious and sexual oppression, and it speaks worlds about both, and about the importance of books and the freedom to make our own decisions. I read it in two, long separated sittings, and I remembered everything but the names between them. I couldn’t put it down either time. It’s a fantastic book! So... um... if you want a tweetable quote – it’s fantastically unputdownable! There, that about does it. Now, what are you waiting for? Go get this book! It’s worth the read!

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