Saturday, August 28, 2010


On Wednesday August 25th, Nerdfighter Esther passed on. She was sixteen years old and had been undergoing treatment for cancer. John Green tells us about it in this video.

Also, the links John refers to:
The Friends of Esther Fund:
Esther's Youtube:
Esther's twitter:
Esther helped run the amazing site

I want to help, but I'm not all that well-off. To put it bluntly, I'm fairly broke. However, if you can help, I strongly urge you to. If you would prefer spend your money on something like a book for yourself or you have presents to get people, then please help me raise money for The Friends of Esther Fund by purchasing things through the Amazon links on my blog - as I'm signed up to receive a cheque once I've earned $100 through the Affiliate programme, I won't actually get any of the money until then. Being honest, I haven't earned a whole lot from this (I think so far my revenue has been $0.32 in total...). However, I'm pledging the first $100 dollars to the fund. (Note: this is me donating the money, not Amazon - it's technically against the agreement to associate them with any charity). So, if you have things to buy from Amazon and can't afford to also donate to the fund, please help me along the way to helping Esther's family. Her treatment cost an awful lot of money, and with everything that they now also have to face, they'll have a lot more money to hand over.

Of course I would prefer if you could donate directly. I'm a realist, though: I understand that not everyone can afford to do that, that they have things to buy for people and that they need downtime for themselves. If you're a reader of this blog, I imagine your downtime comes in the form of reading. That's why I'm pledging the first $100 dollars. I don't expect to get much more through the Affiliate programme, anyway. So if you're in need of some downtime visit the review page. I'll keep everyone updated on what goes on as I hear it.

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