Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Anonymous Writer Update

I've spent a few creative hours working on the magazine today, to see exactly how much work needs to go into this. Right now it's going fine - I got 4 of the 12 tasks done that I set myself, though the 12 may become 11, or even 10. Admitedly it was most of the easier tasks that I got done, but it was fun nonetheless.

I may spend the rest of the night writing an essay on positive thought and its ability to change lives, or maybe a piece on Social Justice, which I can ask my friend's dad, a lecturer in my college, to read before I publish it. Fascinating stuff, I have to say.

As the weekend approaches, I'll also be writing a short story for the magazine, and hopefully finding a couple of photographs to take. I'm thinking some stalking of my back garden may be in order... there's also some nice birds out there. I will need to wait until my family won't be around to watch me watching nothing. That would be awkward.

Then there's the book reviews! I need to find the books I want to review. I'm thinking of some now, even as I type - so exciting! I can't wait to get this thing published online. Which reminds me - cover design! Social Justice may have to take a back seat for that. My idea is simple, but I need to make sure it will work.

Writeranonymous - away!

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Rachel said...

I promise I'll get my article on the bookshop and some photos taken there to you soon!