Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend War, Part 1

Well, it's the weekend. You know what that means? Time for a Weekend War with Eileen. See, on Facebook she started listing all the things she was doing, or the little treats she was going to eat, and I thought, "Why isn't my weekend that good?"

Now I'm in a personal war with her to have the better weekend. As we all know, of course, the weekend starts on Friday night. At least it does in Ireland, or else the pubs would be empty. have my hours been spent?

Well, last night I went to see Up In The Air, staring George Clooney, and a cast of people I've never heard of. It was a "rom-com" without much romance at all. More like casual sex. Delightful. And the comedy... well, it wasn't in-your-face comedy like The Hangover; it was more like dry humour, where the characters just had to speak in some cases to be funny. And I went to see it with friends from secondary school, so even better!

Today... well, I was in work. Now, that might sound bad, but it was only for six hours and the wonderful Alan O'Neill, one of the coolest teachers ever from my secondary school dropped in. We had a chat about stuf in general, like college, and the school, and it made my day a little better. And at lunch I treated myself to a cake from the bakery... it's okay, I'm allowed to...

Got home at about a quater past four, or thereabouts anyway, and got on the PC to play a Warhammer game. It's explosive, it's violent and it's virtual - perfect!

And later? Well, later's the fun part - "lads night" at CiarĂ¡n's house to celebrate his birthday! (note to self - wrap his present!). I've no idea what we'll be doing, but it should be fun. Plus I get to see all my old friends again. Yay!

Tomorrow will be boring in comparison unless I do something, so I'm going to work on the Poetry Against Cancer book and do some editing work on Meet Sam. (which, by the way, a lecturer in my college liked! Yuss!) I also have to place in an order for some books and send a letter to America - fun! And I get to watch Heroes, which I have to record tonight due to lack of being home.

Oh, and during this blog post... I lost the Game. Sorry everybody.

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