Friday, January 29, 2010

Doctor Haik-who

Last week I did some experimenting with some Haiku, themed around Doctor Who. Hence the dreadful title. Anyway, I thought I'd ask for some feedback from y'all. They're posted with the episode or particular element of Doctor Who in mind. The question is, are they any good?

Silence in the Library
Where is the way out?
Why are the shadows moving?
Who turned out the lights?

The Empty Child
Are you my mummy?
Or maybe just a Doctor?
Please help me, Mummy!

The Doctor
Who is this strange man
Always running ‘round about
Through London, and Time?

If the feedback is positive enough, I'll continue writing them. I have a few handwritten and not shared with anyone, even my familia or my friends. If BBC allow it, I'll be making a book out of them. I really hope they allow it!


Ken Armstrong said...

Do, by all means keep writing them, they *are* good.

I would suggest trying something different with some of the next ones. In my own (completely amateurish) view of Haiku, I often see that the first two lines set up a point and the third line offers a counterpoint to it. That third line is often a variance on the theme of the first two lines. Does that make sense?

Linked through a fire place
Seperated by slow time
Both Their Hearths Ablaze

Guess the episode? :)

Paul Carroll said...

I love it! Based on the Girl in the Fireplace ^_^ The clockwork robots that went back in time to get her brain for the ship... or was it the heart. Either way, they needed it. Brilliant episode!