Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to Vlogging

Well, I've finally gotten up the courage to vlog while my family were in the house. Well, my parents were, but that's the same thing. My twin already knows I vlog, though he hasn't seen any of the videos, but my older brother is still ignorant of this fact and I'd like it stay that way.

Anyway, my new video Welcome to 2010! is now live and available to view. Please enjoy, and if you'd like something to be done in a video, don't be afraid to ask (although painful/stupid things that might get me caught by my family are out of the question.

If my plans go ahead, my Sooper Sekrit project will be announced within the next week or so. Also, I'll be annoying publishers soon to see if I can do something else on my YouTube channel that will certainly help spice things up a bit. (By the way, my YouTube channel can be found here: )

Now, until next time (like maybe tomorrow), good bye! (Also, sorry this blog increased World Suck)


Edwin Lewis said...

good vlog, looked through your blogs and the layouts are really good! Hope to see some more of your writing soon :)

Paul Carroll said...

Cool, thanks Edwin! ^_^