Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I find that since Christmas, sleep isn't coming as easily as it ought to. It's likely to do with the late nights I spent during that break watching movies and whatnot, and waking up at ten in the morning, carefree, relaxed, easy going...

Now I'm paying for it, big time. I got to bed at eleven or half eleven most nights, and I'm due to wake up at a quater to eight every morning, except Wednesdays when I'm up at seven. I have one hour to get ready for college, before I arrive fifty minutes early for my lectures, and get home before half four in the afternoon. At this point, I've been awake for sixteen hours and have had at least one cup of tea, usually.

I'm also not that tired.

In the mornings, I wish I could sleep on for another hour or two at least. At night, like when I write this, I'm tired. When I finally get into bed, I'm not. I just can't sleep.

I think I'm actually descending into a state of zombification, and immaturity as a result of it. The rude, inappropriate, yet often hilarious things I say (hilarious for the shock value, mainly) at college are all characteristic of this increasingly exhausted Me. And you know what? I still drink a cup of tea before bed.

I know - caffeine before bed? This guy's a nutter! He also left out the inverted commas, so he's referring to himself solely in the third person. Crazy!

I can manage that though. A cup of tea before bed has been ritual for me even in the days I best slept. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best thing for me before bed. Food is too heavy, milk leaves that awful film in my mouth come morning time (you know, when it feels like you've eaten the mythical spider everyone says you eat at night), water makes me need to use the toilet in the middle of the night and soft drinks don't go down well before trying to sleep. Tea for the win.

I don't want to risk not having tea, either. I'm always thirsty as I head to sleep if I don't have anything (such as right now - I haven't drunk anything since my dinner four hours ago). I'm actually in a situation where the only thing I can drink before bed is tea. And apparently that doesn't help getting to sleep.

So what do I do? How the heck can I get more sleep without resorting to mid-day naps? (because seriously, they would mess with me even more!)

And sleeping later into the morning won't help - I essentially carpool. Okay, I get a bus, but it's with my brother in the same college, so I have to leave at the same time as him. Or risk the traffic. Which I refuse to do. That's a bad thing.

Now I'm rambling. Help!

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