Thursday, January 21, 2010

Struggling with Words

As I write the articles for The Anonymous Writer, I find myself stuck for words. My planned article on social justice just leaves me with a blank. How do I write something original on current affairs? (In case you don't know, it's impossible to write something original on current affairs without discovering something more current than the present...)

Then there's the fiction section... the story I want to write right now isn't what I want to self-publish. I want to submit it, if I ever write it. I think it might stand a chance at actually getting publishing in a magazine... if I ever write it.

And the book reviews? Well, I'm too lazy for that, I suppose. And I keep changing my mind about my Music section. (Okay, so in that case my "struggling for words" situation is struggling for words I want to keep on the page...)

Throw in edits for Meet Sam... well, for the past six months I've had the same pages ready to edit and I just haven't done it. But Monica read it in a day and loved it, and wants me to write a sequel (coincidentally the day after I decided on possible titles for sequels!) I need to edit more.

*sigh* Any writerly woes, anyone? (yes, writerly)

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Rebecca Woodhead said...

Lots. Best bit of advice I can give you though is, get off your arse and believe in yourself. You're a legend and everyone knows it. :)