Friday, January 22, 2010

Locked up with God

I had a weird experience last night... the Fat Fighters trapped us in the Pastoral Centre (note: Fat Fighters is my immature substitute for Weight Watchers). When I say "trapped" I mean they turned off all the lights but the one in our room, put on the alarm, and locked both locks on the door. When I say "us" I mean myself (obviously), Niamh, Ingrid, Sorcha, Cliodhna and the religious woman... I forgot her name, okay!

Thankfully Niamh knew the code to turn off the alarm when it went off...

Why am I telling you all this? I have a video about it!

Also, keep an eye on my YouTube channel and this blog - I'll be doing giveaways next week!! And they're good giveaways too. One is with a book that the money of which goes to charity and the other is a book you literally can't buy anywhere.

Peace, Love and Potter,

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Rebecca Woodhead said...

Pure evil! LOL! That's a pretty funny story. You should write a horror based on that. :)