Sunday, January 24, 2010

Review - Above the Veil

Above the Veil (The Seventh Tower, Book 4)I've spent the day reading, for a change, and I've gone through the entirity of Above the Veil by Garth Nix. Book four of the The Seventh Tower series, the story follows the Chosen Tal and the Ice Carl Milla as they attempt to get a Sunstone each for Tal's family and Milla's clan. Well, four books in, and things are a little different. Now it's less of a family issue, more an apocalypse pending.

But enough of that. How did the book compare to the others in the series? Honestly? I thought it was one of the best so far. Particularly the point about moving away from such a small thing as family (okay, so family is big, but without a world to put it in... I think you get the picture). And Tal was developed quite well from when we first meet him in The Fall. He's not a stuck-up Chosen all the time, and he's learned to keep his mouth shut.

How does it compare to others books in its field? That's arguable. I think the story's fantastic and lots of kids will love it, but at the same time, not everyone will like this. It's fantasy, that's the genre guarantee.

How about other books by the author? If I'm honest, the series isn't my favourite of Nix's, but I still love the books. However, if you're looking for something for older readers and with more depth, I recommend firstly The Abhorsen Trilogy and secondly The Keys to the Kingdom series. That's if you're looking for a series, of course. For a fantastic stand-alone, I recommend Shade's Children.

Looking forward to the next book? I am. I have it on my shelf already, just waiting to be read... probably next week before I can do that. I don't think I can wait that long to find out what happens when Tal and Milla go Into Battle. (see what I did there? That's puntastic use of the title of book five in the series!)

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Andra said...

lol...I love your pun-tastic abilities. I too really liked this series. I feel like the cliff hangers are a little much for me to handle though...I wish I had all of them and could read them all straight through!